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Sustainability Credentials

Environmentally friendly decking made from recycled waste material is an essential element in the manufacturing process of our composite decking boards and is at the core of Ecodek business model.

Recyclable Decking System:

Manufactured from recycled polymer and wood that is sustainably sourced and is a low maintenance alternative to wood that is available for use in a wide range of construction projects. Our environmentally friendly decking products are some of the highest quality in the industry and whilst having a minimal impact on the environment.

Manufactured in the UK our composite decking is a wood polymer composite (WPC) a Combination of Kiln Dried Beech wood Flower and Recycled HDPE Polymer with a composition ratio of 55% wood Fibres and 45% recycled polyethylene (discarded plastic bottles)

Our composite decking boards are homogenous and consistent all the way through. Solid in cross-section and therefore do not have an open core structure that weakens the product. The open core structure can often be seen in inferior products often imported. So confident are we in our composite decking products that we are able to back it with a 25 year warranty against structural failure.

Any products returned to us all rejected during manufacturing are fully recycled back into our production system.

Our chain of custody process provides full traceability on all the products used in our manufacturing process. Between the forest gate and the end user, including the manufacturing process, by working closely with our supply partners to develop a sustainable and responsible materials that go into our products. Our industry-leading production techniques coupled with ground-breaking sustainability gives us a strong commitment to local biodiversity work.

Carbon Negative Manufacturing Facility:

The manufacture of Ecodek wood polymer composite products is a carbon negative process. This is a bold claim but is one that has been independently verified and it underpins our ethos of pursuing sustainability in our design and manufacturing operations.

Our composite products are manufactured to ensure carbon negative process is achieved. Whilst this is a very bold and brave claim to make it has been independently checked and verified and indeed underpins our ethos of sustainability throughout the design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution process.