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Care & Maintenance

Low Maintenance Composite Decking.

To keep your composite decking in tip top condition we advise you use our recommended (WPC) Wood Polymer Deck cleaner at least twice a year (More in heavy use areas or areas subjected to high levels of contamination).

Important Points:

  • Ensure ventilation underneath boards and required spacing between boards is maintained.
  • Keep debris out of gaps between boards.
  • Avoid any contact between boards and construction materials such as plaster, masonry, gravel, cement, and organic materials during construction and after.
  • Recommended mould cleaners may be used as directed.


  • Remove all furniture and other items from decked area.
  • Clean all debris from gaps between boards to allow for proper drainage.
  • Make up the cleaning solution as directed on the bottle and apply to the surface of the deck using a soft mop (or very soft nylon bristle brush) and gently work into the surface. Allow the solution to sit for 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Go over the surface again with any remaining solution and immediately rinse off the solution using a garden hosepipe ensuring all the solution is removed.
  • Do not be tempted to use jet wash. Using our recommended WPC cleaner and a common garden hose is more than enough to clean and restore your ecodek® and you may risk damaging the deck surface due to the high pressure some jet wash machines can produce.
  • Let the decking dry fully before putting any furniture and other accessories back.

If you discover any difficult to remove stains, please contact our Technical Department for advice on how best to remove it. Please do not use a jet wash or harsh chemicals as they may cause damage to the surface. If you see dark spots on the surface of the deck, it may be the start of a mould/fungal infection. It is very important you apply an anti-fungal solution to the surface immediately to prevent any infection spreading.

Anti-fungal deck/ patio washes are readily available from any DIY store; however we do recommend Simply Gone and Wet and Forget. For best results please follow the manufacturer’s instructions. While applying, please keep young children and pets away from the area that is being treated. Once the solution has dried the area will be safe to use as normal including after rainfall or washing of the surface.

Simply-Gone or any other anti-fungal washes are harmful to aquatic life and must not be allowed to enter ponds and any other water system. Be kind to the environment and store any remaining solution until needed.

If the winter weather has left your decking slippery or ice covered use sodium chloride (table salt) to remove the snow/ice.

Flowerpots can create potential problems with staining when sitting directly on the deck. Minerals from the soil and fertiliser can end up leaving a white discolouration on the deck. We recommend using a plant stand to elevate and enable air flow underneath.

All items regularly left on the decking can impact on the weathering that the boards received. We recommend that all items of furniture are regularly moved to allow for more evenly distributed weathering.

Ecodek® is an inherently low maintenance product if you follow the above advice and will give you many years of service. If any ecodek® boards become damaged from heavy impact they will need to be replaced with a spare. If a board should become scratched, gouged, chipped please contact the Quality Department direct on 01244 726159 or for advice on how best to repair the damage.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ecodek®, please contact us direct and we will be more than happy to discuss them with you.

Mould Growing on Composite Decking?

Mould growth is normally a result of a poor cleaning regime, poor installation (inadequate drainage or poor ventilation), consistently damp conditions or an area shaded under trees. Most of the mould you first see on the composite decking is in-fact growing on surface dirt. Once mould has established itself it will continue growing and attach itself to the decking surface. If you keep the composite surface clean you should not have any issues with mould growth if fitted correctly.

For mould/fungus to grow on the surface of Composite Decking it requires a number of elements.

These include:

  • Food, this can be anything from an accumulation of dirt, leaf mould or any organic material build up (commonly referred to as ‘bio-film’).
  • Shade, from trees, garden furniture or surrounding buildings, etc.
  • Moisture, the decking is in such a position that moisture stays on the surface for prolonged periods of time or situated in a damp area (woodland, or by a river/pond). Combine any of these elements and you have the perfect habitat for mould/fungal growth.

Removing Mould and Stop it Re-Occurring

It is vital that you treat the whole deck area as soon as you spot the mould. Start by thoroughly covering the area with ‘Simply Gone’ (contact us for details), it is a very easy to apply and biodegradable product that you just spray on and leave to work. It should be noted that while “Simple Gone” will clear the decking mould/fungal growth and eradicate the fungal spores. It should not be treated as an alternative to a regular cleaning routine!

keep composite decking in tip top condition

Gloves must be worn when mixing Simply Gone. Face masks & gloves must be worn when spraying.

Deck Preparation
Ensure the decking area is dry and there is no rain forecast for at least 24 hours before applying ‘Simply Gone’.

    1. 1. Make a solution of ‘Simply Gone’ in a pressure spray (add last to avoid foaming) for mould and fungi: Add 10 parts water to 1 part Simply Gone. This will be enough to cover 50m².
    1. 2. Spray the solution over the affected area, thoroughly soaking the surface. (This is best done in the evening to avoid evaporation, try to avoid spraying during hot weather or in direct sunlight.)
    1. 3. Do not use the deck whilst waiting for Simply Gone to dry. The solution can take up to 5 hours to dry dependant on local weather conditions. Once it has dried it is safe to use the decking area (Please note – Simply Gone will not clear the mould on your decking overnight. It can take up to eight weeks before all of the mould has been eradicated, although you should see positive results within the first 7 – 14 days. Simply Gone will protect the deck for up to 9 months.)
    1. 4. Dispose of your Simply Gone solution or if there is anyleft it can be stored for up to 6 months. Please be aware that Simply Gone is biodegradable and non-accumulative in the soil. It is toxic to aquatic life and must not be disposed of in drains, water courses or in any other way that could contaminate the environment. (Please refer to the instructions on the bottle).


  • Keep Children and pets away from the surface until dry.
  • If you get “Simply Gone” on your skin, rinse with plenty of water to dilute the solution.
  • If unusual symptoms start to appear or the solution is swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and take the container with you.

If you have any issues or would like more information regarding “Simply Gone” please contact Customer Care and we will answer any questions you may have.