composite decking maintenance


UK Composite Decking is inherently a very low maintenance product.

However, you must keep it clean, free from debris/litter and maintain the ventilation & drainage gaps in between the boards and at the ends of the boards, especially where they butt up to another board or a wall. By keeping it clean and ensuring the drainage channels are clear, you will maximise its slip resistance, aesthetics and lifespan.

The cleaning frequency will depend upon amount of footfall, debris and other environmental pollutants.

If there are stubborn stains on the decking such as grease etc, then please refer to the technical data for a more in-depth description of products that can be used (or contact us direct).

We recommend that the decking is cleaned with a jet washer with the nozzle at close proximity to the deck surface (25-50mm), maximum working pressure of 110 bar (1595 psi). You may also need to use a soft brush to loosen dirt & debris.

When cleaning the deck, it is advisable to use a proprietary grade of deck cleaning additive such as our recommended composite deck cleaner which can be purchased direct from us at UK Composite Decking .

For stubborn stains, use a soft brush or sponge along with a concentrated amount of the recommended cleaner.


For areas suffering from mould or mildew (normally due to poor cleaning regime, consistently damp conditions or shaded areas under trees), it is vital that you treat the whole deck area as soon as you spot the mould. Start by thoroughly covering the deck with ‘Simply Gone’ (available direct from us at UK Composite Decking ), it is a very easy to apply and environmentally friendly product that you just spray on and leave to work (ensure you also read the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle). Leave the area for 6-8weeks and then thoroughly clean the area with a proprietary deck cleaner such our recommended composite deck cleaner. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, apply another treatment of ‘Simply Gone’ and then repeat the application annually.

If a board becomes damaged, e.g. from a heavy impact, then it will be necessary to replace the board with a spare.

If a board becomes scratched/gouged, please contact our quality department direct on 01978 354 316 for advice on the best remedial measures.

If snow or ice builds up on the decking, then please refer to the Technical Data for further advice.

Any other maintenance queries, please email: